facility training

i've got two locations...

Don't belong to a gym AND you don't wish to train in your own home?  I can work with that!  I have access to a 2nd training space in Madison.  There we can train in an intimate environment.  The space lies above a Physical Therapy clinic (Moment Institute, at 20 Cook Plaza, Madison, NJ). 

My current rates are:

1 FREE assessment / training session combo (1 hr)

$90 an hour if you purchase a 5-pack* ($450)

 * also includes 1 hour nutrition consult.

$80 an hour if you purchase a 10-pack* ($800 total)

 * also includes 2 x 1 hour nutrition consults.

$70 an hour if you purchase a 20-pack* ($1400 total)

 * also includes 2 x 1 hour nutrition consults + 1 hour food shopping lesson.

in-home training

let me bring the gym to you!

My most requested service, this is perfect for clients who don't belong to a gym, or can't find the time to go after a long day.  I will work around your busy schedule to find the most convenient time for you.  My rates include my travel expenses and I will travel up to 10 miles from Mendham.  I recommend two sessions a week for noticeable results, four sessions for outstanding results!

My current rates are:

1 FREE assessment / training session (1 hr).

$80 an hour if you purchase a 5-pack*. ($400 total)  * also includes 1 hour nutrition consult

$70 an hour if you purchase a 10-pack*. ($700 total)  * also includes 2 x 1 hour nutrition consults

$60 an hour if you purchase a 20-pack*. ($1200 total)  * also includes 2 x 1 hour nutrition consults + 1 hour food shopping lesson.

* Pricing subject to change.  All session packages valid thru Dec. 30th of the year purchased, unless otherwise stated.  

**Occasionally I offer special pricing, so please make sure to check back often.




Have you heard the news?  Obstacle course racing, or "OCR" is the fastest growing sport in the country!  These races may contain a variety of challenges, be it 8-foot walls, crawling under barbed wire, sloshing through mud and even jumping through fire!  As dangerous as they might seem, attendance has grown so rapidly, it is poised to surpass the Ironmans and Triathalons in the next year.  People are finding new motivations and using such races to make them accountable; knowing that once they sign up, they HAVE to do whatever training is required to complete them.  This just goes to show that people aren't satisfied with "run of the mill" races and they hate monotony.  Nothing quite compares to the variety you will experience in an obstacle race, as you must find a balance of strength and endurance.  In anticipation of this event, I have become certified as an SGX (Spartan Group Exercise) Coach through the official Spartan Race Program. I will train anyone who has a goal for fitness, health or a specific event.

The group training class centers on "functional" exercises; (they will translate both to everyday movement patterns as well as race-specific obstacles).  If you have old injuries, or cannot perform certain movements, I will either regress the movement to make it easier, or give you a new movement that is equally challenging.

All classes are 1 Hour long, and are held indoors and outdoors in cooperation with

Legacy Athletic Club, 45 Horse Hill Rd, Cedar Knolls,

Are you up for a challenge?   PURCHASE A PACKAGE OF CLASSES TODAY!!