BRAD's story

a trainer twenty years in the making...

Brad Sims is a National Academy of Sports Medicine ( Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Spartan Group X Coach.  What is corrective exercise?  Well, after an assessment of your movement, Brad is able to isolate and improve potential muscle weaknesses or imbalances that have been caused by abnormal movement patterns, past injuries or surgeries.  He relies on an evidence based program developed by NASM, whose creator, Dr. Michael Clark, is a physical therapist and sports physician.

Brad has been physically active most of his life, trying various disciplines from competitive swimming to Muay Thai, from inline skating to kiteboarding.  He is serious about mixing up interests to keep things fresh and believes this will benefit you, the client as well!  He started weightlifting in 1994 and has never looked back since.  He has learned quite a bit in his nearly 3 years in the fitness industry and keeps his passion for learning alive by taking new courses and refreshing his past knowledge as well.  He even works part-time at The Moment Institute as a physical therapy aide to stay on the cutting edge.  Brad has taken his skills and extensive education and has translated them into a unique training style that appeals to a wide variety of individuals seeking self-improvement.  Brad works with everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors to stay-at-home moms.  With his adaptive training style he is able to create goal-specific programs tailored to the individual's needs.

Brad's latest specialty is his Spartan SGX (Spartan Group Exercise) certification, which introduces a variety of training methods to make workouts both challenging and fun, and to prepare his more adventurous students for running their first obstacle race; the ultimate challenge!  Brad is only the 5th coach in New Jersey to achieve this certification.

Brad has successfully worked with clients having various physical challenges, including, but not limited to: rheumatoid arthritis, cardiac rehab, shoulder replacement surgery, lower body paralysis, and lymphedema.


a sampling from my satisfied clients!

"I am a 28 year old female in the healthcare profession that had not, up until a few months ago invested any time in my own health and fitness level.  I was blessed with the chance to meet and begin training with Brad who worked with my health/fitness training goals to come up with a unique training program.  He is knowledgeable in his field and is constantly keeping me on my toes which makes every session with him fresh and exciting.  After a few months of working with Brad, I can say I feel stronger, leaner, my aches and pains from working 10+ hour days are no more and I feel great with energy to spare, plus clothes that used to be tight are loose and falling off!  Brad is awesome and I look forward to meeting with him each week and love his challenges and encouragements to keep on changing the status quo in my fitness and nutrition.  I would recommend his services to anyone who is interested in improving their fitness - the investment is worth it!  Plus you gain a friend!! Thanks Brad!"

-Catherine P., Millington, NJ

"Thanks for the great series of workouts!  My core is sore and I'm noticing definition in my legs and core that I didn't have before, thanks to you!  You are the best trainer I've had by far!  Thanks for all your hard work and for taking the time to make each workout different, interesting and challenging!"

-Jennifer L.,  Mendham, NJ

"Terrific workouts!  Definitely learned some new techniques.  Brad takes the time to make sure my form is correct and that I am targeting those areas I really want to improve.  Highly recommended!"

-Deborah, Morristown, NJ

"Simply put, Brad makes exercising fun and un-intimidating.  He creates customized routines geared towards improving my balance and strength while keeping me engaged.  He is always able to develop new and interesting routines that I like, drawing from his extensive knowledge of different fitness activities.  I would highly recommend Brad as a trainer to anyone who wants to bust through typical gym boredom to achieve health and fitness goals."

-Chloe L, Hoboken, NJ

"I am a 59 year old woman who has never been in a gym before.  Boy, was I scared when I first saw all the machines!  Brad helped me get over my fear.  He took time out to explain their purpose, and why we do what we do to build our core. He always has a smile on his face, and can convince me I can do anything.  Somehow he always gets me to do extra reps!  After our workouts, he always emails or calls me to see how sore I am, or if anything hurts.  Now I look forward to going 3 times a week and with his encouragement I am doing things I did not know I could do.  I consider him not only my trainer but a new friend."

-Debra J, Clark, NJ

"Brad has helped me progress toward my goals more than words can say!"

-Chad G, Edison, NJ

"I thought that I was in decent shape until I met Brad!  His weekly workouts challenge me to always push myself harder than I thought that I could go.  I truly look forward to our weekly sessions because I never know what to expect and he is always switching things up!"

-Carol D, Westfield, NJ

"Brad looks like a rather unassuming guy with glasses; but don't be fooled by appearances.  The volume of exercises he has access to scares me, and he will get you to try exercises that will kick your butt!"

-Mary Kate, Clark, NJ

"I thought I was fit until I trained with Brad.  His training methodology has enabled me to take my fitness to a higher level.  Brad considered my prior injuries when designing my training program, and with his guidance I was able to overcome prior issues with balance, endurance and muscular pain.  Thanks to Brad I am stronger, faster, leaner and healthier than before.  I will continue to work with Brad and recommend his services to anyone interested in improving his or her fitness."

-Ilya G, Glen Ridge, NJ

"Brad is wonderful!  He is fun, encouraging, reliable and a motivator.  He has exceeded my expectations in so many ways.  Not only is he incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, he is also very down-to-earth.  He is tough on you, and constantly makes you sweat, but its worth it.  He is very intuitive; just the right amount of push and pull to get you in the shape you want.  Brad gets 5 stars!"

-Maria H, triathlete, Brookside, NJ

"Brad has really been a proactive, supportive factor in getting me enthused about exercising.  He has taken the time to listen and understand me, infused his knowledge into developing a highly-specific program tailored to my individual needs, and as a direct result of his efforts I am experiencing renewed motivation to pursue his recommended program of physical exercise."

-Harry K, cardiac rehab patient, age 66.

"After his group class, I feel like a wrung-out million bucks!"

-Glen P, Montville, NJ

"Training with Brad was an awesome experience.  My workouts had gotten a little hum-drum, but he put together such a fun and interesting workout every time that I almost forgot how hard I was working (until the next day!!)... the results have been so rewarding and just in time for summer!  Thank you Brad - you're the best!"

-Ellen D, Westfield, NJ

"I've been working out and lifting weights for 35 years.  I started when I was 13 at the local YMCA.  I was a competitive weightlifter in college and so I figured I knew all there was to fitness and exercise.  After stagnating with weight loss and strength gain I decided to engage Brad at the local sports club.  I felt very comfortable with Brad as he is extremely easy to approach and helpful.  He designed several routines for me which have changed my whole perspective on my workouts, and in 2 weeks I lost 2 sizes on my waist and several of my lifts have finally started to increase again.  I really feel like Brad cares about my fitness and look forward to have him work me into top shape."

-Matt S, photography business owner, Millburn, NJ